Caster Equipment

  • Tisco Billet Caster with VAI Design at jamshedpur Equipment like Tundish Car, Cross Transfer Car, Tundish Handling Equipment, Tundish Movabale Stand, Mould Threstle, Rigid Dummy Bar Storage Stand, Pinch Rollout, Tundish Preparation Stand, Mould Alignment Stand, Tundish Nozzle Change, Fixed End Stop & Tundish Tilting Stand).
  • SAIL, DSP, Billet Caster with GA Danieli design at Durgapur Equipment like Liftable Ladle Turret, Tundish, Liftable Tundish Car, Slag Boxes (Launders & slag boxes), Fixed Bending Sector, Roller Table, Lateral Liftable Transfer, Pawl Collecting Table (D'E' Bay & C'D'Bay) & Withdrawl & Straightening Unit).
  • SAIL, BSP, Slab Caster with GA Danieli design at Bhilai.